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The Big Bang Theory: Season 12 Reviews

October 11, 2018
The writers are great, characters still seem fresh, but it is starting to get a bit old. They are do a new character or a true enemy of Sheldon, maybe a brush of death of one of the characters and then a 90degreechange of that character. How about an evil Sheldon twin? (its the last season, lets get crazy!)
October 4, 2018
%# Tequila ,Heineken, when does not laugh. Eat sauce..... Puff Colorful
½ September 28, 2018
This show continues to give stupendous performances and spectacular comedy. So sad this will be the last season.
September 24, 2018
Really funny. not always believable, not that the show needs it. Sometimes you recognise the scene but it's not necessary.