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Academy Awards (Oscars) 2006

Academy Awards

The Granddaddy of all movie awards -- the winners for each year and category located in one convenient place.


Award Winning Movie Tomatometer
Best Director The Departed 90%
Best Actor The Last King of Scotland 87%
Best Actress The Queen 97%
Best Supporting Actor Little Miss Sunshine 91%
Best Supporting Actress Dreamgirls 78%
Best Cinematography Pan's Labyrinth 95%
Best Art Direction Pan's Labyrinth 95%
Best Costume Design Marie Antoinette 54%
Best Foreign Language Film The Lives of Others 92%
Best Original Screenplay Little Miss Sunshine 91%
Best Picture The Departed 90%
Best Visual Effects Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest 54%
Best Documentary Feature An Inconvenient Truth 93%
Best Original Song An Inconvenient Truth 93%

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